Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory Care is a service which offers same-day surgical treatments to patients at the hospital. This means patients are assessed, diagnosed, treated and able to go home on the same day, without being admitted in a hospital bed wherever possible.

As a Boutique Hospital, Resuscitate is committed to providing you with an exceptional and personalised ambulatory care service.

Our Ambulatory Care Procedures

  • Endoscopy
  • Cataract Eye surgery
  • Eyelid operations
  • Breast Reduction and Breast Uplift, Augmentation and Enlargement
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Oral/Mouth operations



Resuscitate Hospital has commissioned a state-of-the-are Endoscopy unit to enable early detection,

Diagnosis and treatment of cancers and other serious diseases of the stomach, bowels, lungs.

We provide a one-stop center for accurate high quality diagnosis and treatment for gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders, using the very latest fibre-optic endoscopes.

These procedures include:

  • Gastroscopy (Upper GI)
  • Colonoscopy (Lower GI)
  • Bronchoscopy

All procedures are carried out by experienced gastroenterologists and pulmonologist specialists.

For more information on our Ambulatory services, kindly contact us and a member of our Ambulatory Care Team shall contact you promptly

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